Business Security Expertise and Workplace Medicine Training


As Karadeniz Technical University Distance Education Application and Research Center, Job Security Specialization Training Institution, we have been providing trainings (C class) for job security expertise training Since July 2013. Since July, Job security trainings in C class have been given to the hundreds of participants since july. Currently, the trainings are ongoing.

KTU UZEM Business Security Expert Training Institute has become one of the most successful institutions in the region in a short time with its experienced staff and technological facilities. Within the body of the institution, 34 faculty members teach face to face to the participants as distance education.

The Law No. 6331 on Occupational Health and Safety obliges occupational safety specialists, occupational physicians and other health personnel to be assigned to each workplace regardless of the number of employees and the workplace. According to the law, employees with work safety expertise certificate can be employed in very dangerous workplaces which are; (B) class at workplaces in class A, dangerous class, and at least (C) class in workplaces in less dangerous class.

The Ministry of Labor and Social Security envisages the implementation of a basic training program for engineers, architects or technical staff (technical teacher, physics, chemistry and job safety program graduates) who wish to become job security specialists. The aim of this program is to provide the engineers, architects or technical staff who want to be job security specialists with the necessary knowledge of occupational health and safety in order to fulfill their duties stipulated in the legislation.

The trainings are held at KTU Fatih Education Campus, C and F Blocks. The trainings are given by the academicians in KTU.