Free Consulting Engineer (SMM) Course Completion Training


Those who want to work as a Certified Consultant Engineer (SMM) and graduated from Electrical and Electronics Engineering Department and for them to receive the “Above 1 kV Asand under 1 kV Electric Facilities SMM Certificate”, it was decided that the following courses should first be opened within the scope of the courses required by the 8th paragraph of Article 9 of the EMO Freelancer Engineering Services Regulations.

  • Electric Machines

    (Basic Concepts and Definitions, Ampere Law, Magnetic Equivalent Circuits, Transformers, Direct Current Machines, Asynchronous Machines, Synchronous Machines)

  • High Voltage Technique

    (Energy Conduction Systems, Static Electric Field, Electrode Systems, Gaseous Discharge Events and Insulating Gases, Discharge Events in Liquids and Insulating Oils, Discharge Events in Solid Insulators and Solid Insulators, Elements of High Voltage Energy, Systems of High Voltage, Over Voltage, Counter Protection, High Voltage Measurement)

  • Power Systems Analysis

    (Basic Concepts and Definitions, Network Forms, Construction and Regulation of Networks, Criteria for Line Crossing Calculations, Voltage Drop Calculations, Radial Network Voltage Drop Calculations, Equal Spread Loaded Networks, Mixed Loaded Networks, Two Side Feeded Networks, Voltage Drops at Node Points Calculations, network faults and short circuit calculations, reactive power compensation, conductors used in electrical energy distribution, underground cables, network faults and short circuit calculations)